Terms and Conditions

  1. Buy any Emperor Range of T M Playing cards of a Value of Rs.2 Lacs (Between January 01, 2019 and February 28, 2019) and you are entitled to One GOLD RUSH (GR) Coupon with a Guaranteed Lucky Prize of the following – 0.5 grams, 1 Gram, 2 Grams & 4 Grams of GOLD!
  2. All GR Coupons will be eligible for the LUCKY DRAW to be held on EVERY WORKING DAY from Monday to Friday i.e. Feb 15, 2019 to Feb 28, 2019 (i.e. 10 Lucky Draws and 59 GOLDEN PRIZES) will be telecast LIVE and in real time on emperorcards.com
  3. Results of each Draw to be Calculated to each participant by SMS/Whatsapp.
  4. Sales made between February 15th to February 28th (Lucky Draw Dates) are also eligible to be part of the GOLD RUSH SCHEME 2019.
  5. A single consumer is eligible to get a maximum 1 prize per day, in case 2 coupons of the same participant is drawn, the 2nd coupon will be put back and will be eligible for the draw the next day.
  6. All winners would need to provide a copy of their Pan Card and Aadhar Card.
  7. Under no circumstances can any GIFT be redeemed in Cash.
  8. Decision of the company i.e. TM Printers Pvt Ltd. is binding and final.
  9. Goods without scheme also would be available.
  10. 1st Coupon of the day would be for the highest gift (This is for the draws on 15th/20th/25th and 28th of February 2019).
  11. Scheme is applicable only on first quality product, with pricing of more than Rs.150/- per dozen.

All disputes subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

Winners of Lucky Draw

DateCoupon NumberName of WinnerCity
18th February 20191124Ratnaraj Bhandar
(Sha Mangnajee Misrimal)
18th February 20191445Chandra SalesMumbai
19th February 20191497Sha Magnaji MishrimalBangalore
19th February 20191057Milton EnterpriseEarnakulam
19th February 20191219Classic EnterpriseMumbai
20th February 20191438Khirani General StoreMumbai
20th February 20191851Aarusi TradersSolapur
20th February 20191706Classic EnterpriseMumbai
20th February 20191200Premier Traders ( Milton Enterprise)Earnakulam
20th February 20191047M Chirag DistributorsBangalore
21st February 20191201Atul Enterprises
21st February 20191899Rajender Fancy Stores
21st February 20191737Khirani General Stores
21st February 20191423Gautam Sales (Mohan Traders)
21st February 20191840Shivom Traders
22nd February 20191856Ambica fancy storeGangavati
22nd February 20191714Bhavani traders (Magnaji Mishrimal)Bangalore
22nd February 20191775Patel General StoreMorvi
22nd February 20191427Magnaji MishrimalBangalore
22nd February 20191191Ramesh EnterprisesMysore
22nd February 20191167Sanjay Agencies (Mohan Traders)Mumbai
25th February 20191413Dhudhmal & Sons (Magnaji Mishrimal)Chalkare
25th February 20191056Gautam Sales AgenciesSurat
25th February 20191097Classic EnterpriseMumbai
25th February 20191456Pawan Enterprises (Magnaji Mishrimal)Mysore
25th February 20191826Deepak Trading Co.Akola
25th February 20191444Kaushik Enterprise (Magnaji Mishrimal)Mandya
25th February 20191841Murbad StoreMurbad
25th February 20191049Sangam Stationery (Miltone Enterprises)Kannur
26th February 20191213Rajesh Sales Agency (Mohan Traders)Gondia
26th February 20191035Classic EnterprisesMumbai
26th February 20191003Hanuman Paper And StationaryAnantpur
26th February 20191649Vikas AgencyDelhi
26th February 20191402Bhandhari Marketing Co.Pune
26th February 20191601S.Maheshwari AgencyLucknow
26th February 20191777Nagpur General StoresNashik
26th February 20191652Mahaveer Cutlery MartVij
27th February 20191116Prakash Trading Co.Chennai
27th February 20191011Mahavir Cutlery StoreVijayawada
27th February 20191058New Abhilash (Milton Enterprise)Earnakulam
27th February 20192016Mayur (Mohan Traders)Mumbai
27th February 20191037Bhandari MarketingPune
27th February 20191811Satguru SalesYavatmal
27th February 20191819Komal SupariKalyan
27th February 20191625Deepak Store (Vikas Agencies)Delhi
27th February 20191432Sanjay Agencies (Mohan traders)Mumbai
28th February 20191116Sanjay Prakash Trading Co.Chennai
28th February 20191011Mahavir Cutlery StoreVijayawada
28th February 20191058New Abhilash (Milton Enterprise)Earnakulam
28th February 20191058New Abhilash (Milton Enterprise)Earnakulam
28th February 20192016Mayur (Mohan Traders)Mumbai
28th February 20191037Bhandari MarketingPune
28th February 20191811Satguru SalesYavatmal
28th February 20191819Komal SupariKalyan
28th February 20191625Deepak Store (Vikas Agencies)Delhi
28th February 20191432Sanjay Agencies (Mohan Traders)Mumbai